Mike Perry signed to Bareknuckle FC and that’s a recipe for death

Written by Noah Gagnon

Wow, absolutely outstanding news coming in here, as it was announced today the Former UFC Welterweight Mike Perry is signing with Bareknuckle FC. You know, there are very few fighters in the history of MMA where the UFC ruleset could be considered too restrictive for them, but I think Perry is one of those guys. Like, the 4oz. gloves might have actually been holding him back.

Seriously, if God designed a bare-knuckle fighter in a lab, the product would be Mike Perry. Usually, when people try to denigrate the UFC and MMA they’ll spew some BS like “oh, it’s literally just a bar fight.” And, that’s a pretty easy point to dispute when watching the elegant fighting styles of guys like Izzy Adesanya or Khabib, but when talking about Perry, there’s really no counterargument to the whole bar-fight thing. The guy just fights.

When he was in his UFC days there was legitimate doubt as to whether or not he would even train for fights. The guy had his girlfriend in his corner! He needed such little technical advice when he was in there that he literally said, “screw coaches I’ll just do this myself,” and then stuck his girl in the corner just to fill the space. That’s a bare-knuckle fighter if I’ve ever heard of one.

Really, what’s gonna happen when he gets in there? Is he gonna kill someone? Is he gonna get himself killed? All I know is that when Mike is done, there’s gonna be enough blood in that ring to fill an Olympic size pool. I really wouldn’t be surprised if he’s doing this BKFC contract pro-bono, the guy just loves hitting people.

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