Mike Majlak For President?! #MikeMajlak2020 @mikemajlak

Written by TrevStone

During today’s episode of the popular podcast ImPaulsive, co-host Mike Majlak talked about having interest in running for President of the United States as a Republican.

“I understand that Trump already has the primary nod.”

He said that he wouldn’t want to run as a liberal so instead he is going to run as a republican.

He mentioned having Logan Paul being Vice President, but as they found out he’s too young. He’d be able to be involved in the House.

The minimum age to run for President is 35, same with VP. Majlak is… 35! Perfect for the age of a new President. We all need someone with new ideas, I thought it was Andrew Yang, but instead… It’s looking like Mike Majlak!

Honestly, Majlak is an inspiration to many as he’s been clean from drugs for over 10 years! He’s a top podcast host, a top YouTuber, entrepreneur, and a Best Selling Author! At the age of only 35.

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Afterwards Majlak mentioned that if Dave Portnoy, from Barstool Sports would be interested in running he’d like to run together.

An hour into the podcast the talk about it. View it below!

I’d vote Majlak 2020! Follow me on Twitter by clicking here!

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