Michigan Wolverines

Mike Macdonald Leaves Michigan, And Joins The Other Harbaugh In Baltimore

Written by Jonathan Garner

As a Michigan fan, THIS. SUCKS. Mike has brought such positive energy to the locker room all season long and excelled at his role. He truthfully changed the culture of the Wolverines in the one year that he was there for. He really just came into Ann Arbor, showed Michigan how to beat Ohio, and then left. I for one am very happy that he was able to be with Michigan for a year, because he did show everyone what defense works and what they should be doing. Don Brown was a hard headed guy that loved physicality, but he didn’t make adjustments that were necessary to win the big games. There was nothing better that Macdonald’s halftime adjustments. I have never watched Michigan go into the second half without a better game plan than they had before the game started.

At the end of they day, I trust Harbaugh to fill his vacancy with a great coach. Thank you Mike for helping change the Michigan culture and we wish you nothing but the best of luck in your NFL coaching position.

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Jonathan Garner

Senior at Grand Valley State University
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