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Mick Foley Tests Positive For Covid-19, Not A Nice Day For The WWE Hall Of Famer

Written by jwatry

The professional wrestling world has had a rough week. On Friday night, it was dealt yet another blow.

Mick Foley took to Twitter to inform everybody he tested positive for Covid-19 a few weeks ago.

A devastating bit of news, as Mick has been known as one of the nicest guys in the entire world. I can personally tell you I have had two interactions with him, and he has been absolutely amazing. Actually three…but I can save that story for another day. What sucks is that he tested positive after doing a virtual signing with only two others in the room with him, both wearing masks. Afterwards, one of the gentlemen there to help experienced symptoms and informed Mick just as a precaution. Unfortunately, it was too late. He has been in a hotel room since.

Here’s why this sucks even more than usual.

1-Mick is a huge Christmas nut. He has a holiday room. He dresses up as Santa Claus each year. He his wild about donating to various charities. He even wrote a book about WWE/Christmas many moons ago. Make no mistake, this guy lives and breathes Christmas. For him to be away from his family and stuck in a hotel room during the entire holiday season had to sting big time. He seemed remorseful and very shaken in the video he posted on Twitter. Assuming he is alright and healthy, the mere fact of missing Christmas 2020 may stay with him forever.

2-I think what makes this the most surprising is that Mick Foley has been very outspoken online about the dangers of Covid-19. Go back and check out his previous posts leading up to the more recent ones. He preaches about wearing a mask. He has canceled countless appearances this year due to not traveling very much. I know during the summer he actually spent some time by his backyard river, something he hadn’t done in the entire ten years since living there. He is the last guy anybody would have ever suspected testing positive for Covid-19. Just shocking and a bad way to roll into 2021 and continue beyond 2020.

That being said, he admitted that he did take his mask off while signing autographs that day with the two other gentlemen. He did indeed appear at WWE Survivor Series 2020 for the big Final Farewell of The Undertaker, assuming all talents still get tested before every show of course. Mick also did list off doing a few different appearances and commercials, so while he was not PERFECT in doing his part, he really did do his best. As I said, he does seem remorseful and is obviously now doing the right thing by bunkering in a hotel room. Even during his precious Christmas season.

All in all, get well Mick Foley and try, try, TRY to have a nice day!

By Justin Watry (Twitter: @JustinWatry)

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