Michigan’s Mazi Smith Felony Weapons Arrest Details Released

Written by Tony Ghaul

Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh has faced scrutiny recently for allowing Mazi Smith to play despite being arrested in October. reported the details on Tuesday regarding the case. Smith was stopped by police on October 7 for driving approximately twice the speed limit in a residential neighborhood. The talented defensive lineman had ammunition and a gun in his possession. He was charged with a felony for weapons possession on Dec. 1.

Court records of a Nov. 30 hearing say that Smith had “two magazines holding 15 and 30 bullets in his pocket, while his handgun and a 24-round magazine were in the car when he was pulled over.”

Smith is due back in court on December 8. Harbaugh said that he has “respect for our judicial process and with that respect brings confidence that a fair and just resolution is forthcoming.”

Smith, a senior, has 46 tackles and a sack this season.

Michigan co-captain Mazi Smith. Photo courtsey of

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