NOTE: Everyone has their own beliefs and stuff towards politics and on the (Coronavirus) COVID-19 pandemic nowadays, but the story is being told like how the video is shown.

There were a lot of mixed reactions regarding the ‘Yoopers for Trump Road Trip’ caravan in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan yesterday afternoon, but what most have missed was what happened afterwards.

Facebook user and Michigan resident/Trump supporter Matt Moses posted a video of him and fellow supporters getting into a shouting argument with a woman and her daughter over the President and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden Saturday night after their trip.

In the video below, the argument was mainly about the differences between Trump and Biden.

WARNING: strong language throughout the video between the two parties.

Knowing how we are less than four months away from the presidential elections in November, I will be expecting more arguments and shouting matches like this to continue.

And now with the state of Michigan taking into effect of an executive order requiring all residents to wear masks for indoor places and in crowded spaces outdoors starting Monday morning, these type of debates could get more ugly soon.