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Michigan Wolverines Magazine Senior Editor in Hot Water After ‘You Reap Hatred’ Comment on Online Message Board

Written by Nate

This Saturday is the day of Michigan State Spartans’s first men’s basketball game since the tragic shooting that took place on MSU campus last Monday.

Tributes and support have came from across the country including from their arch rival and tonight’s opponent in the Michigan Wolverines. However, one beat writer from UM sports is under fire from both fanbases after some dumb comments he made on a message board recently.

On Twitter, Senior writer of, Chris Balas, made a comment about the MSU shooting and the ‘leadership’ at the school.

In the tweet below by user George W, Balas wrote the following in the screenshot photo:

Many of MSU and Michigan fans and fellow beat writers were blasting Balas for his comments, even when Chris tried to backtrack them. He even went as far as to potentially threaten an MSU reporter if he didn’t take down his reply.

However, a lot of the users are still going after Chris as he doubled down and refused to apologize.

It’s one thing for rival fanbases to unite and support one another after a significant tragedy, but it’s whole another subject for them to unite against a beat writer who made horrible comments after that.

But in either way, Chris may need to start looking at another job somewhere, or be prepared to be suspended for a long period.

Just a dumb and awful look for him believing that those quotes and trying to defend them at the same time.

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