Michigan has suspended head coach Juwan Howard for the rest of the regular season after yesterdays altercation with the Wisconsin coaching staff and head coach Greg Gard.

Juwan said in his post game press conference that he was unhappy with Greg Gard calling a late timeout when the game was clearly at hand and Michigan was clearly going to take a loss. Wisconsin head coach Greg Gard said that he called a timeout because he had his reserves in the game and Juwan was running a full court press and he wanted to get his group organized and ready to beat the press. All of this was way over blown and caused a ton of unnecessary shit. People online and in the media even going as far as saying Howard should be fired immediately.

Michigan came into the year with high expectations and considered a legitimate threat to contending for a national championship. The Wolverines were ranked 4th in the country at the start of the season. This season has been a complete disappointment thus far as Michigan is just 14-11 so far this year.

On the bright side, Michigan only has 5 games remaining in the regular season. The downside is this could not come at a worse time for the Wolverines, as they need to start stringing wins together to get off the bubble.

Michigan’s next 5 games:

  • 2/23 Rutgers (Home)
  • 2/27 Illinois (Home)
  • 3/1 Michigan State (Home)
  • 3/3 Iowa (Home)
  • 3/6 Ohio State (Away)

Michigan needs to get its shit together if they plan on making this years NCAA tournament. They are currently on the bubble and projected to be one of the last four teams in the dance.

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