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Michigan Supreme Court Rules Governor Whitmer’s Emergency Powers as Unlawful, Did Not Have Authority to Issue State Emergency

Written by Nate

With all the buzz going around surrounding President Trump’s positive Coronavirus test and transport, the Michigan Supreme Court struck down on Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency powers.

According to multiple sources, the state’s Court has declared that her powers used for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic were ‘unlawful as sparred to the Executive branch in violation of the Michigan Constitution’ and she didn’t have the authority to issue orders and states of emergency after April 30.

The decision came in as part of a long battle between Whitmer, a Democratic Governor, and a Republican-controlled Legislature, who had been kept away from major orders that put restrictions on the state’s economy, education, and health care.

The ruling also came on the same day that the Unlock Michigan group handed in over 500,000 signatures in petitions, ahead of their goal of 341,000.

According to Jack Hall of the Radio Results Network, her powers are still in effect for at least 21 days. Since hearing about the result, Whitmer has released this statement regarding the Court’s decision.

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