Michigan State Students Celebrate Big Win Over Rival Michigan by Flipping a Car (Video) | #MICHvsMSU #MichiganState

Written by Nate

Earlier today in one of the biggest games in the series and season, eighth-ranked Michigan State Spartans pulled off a huge win over arch rival and sixth-ranked Michigan Wolverines. But it’s the MSU students’s celebration that is going viral.

Posted on Twitter by both Barstool Sports and Drew Gorentza, the students were seen on a couple clips flipping over a gray Toyota 4Runner during their celebration.

You can also students kicking in the car’s front window and hood.

In Barstool’s video, there was a student that was trying to stop someone from kicking the vehicle, but the damage was already done anyways.

For those who are known for burning couches in celebration from bug wins regardless of sport, it should not come as a shock to anyone. Michigan State student body is known for it, but with a win like theirs over Michigan today, they earned it.

MSU can celebrate however they want now, just hope someone doesn’t leave their car or couch out where they can flip or burn them.

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