If you are a Michigan State fan or alumni, this was one of the greatest days of your life; but if you’re a Michigan Wolverines fan or alumni, it was pretty much the opposite.

Five years ago on this day (October 17), one Big Ten team needed a miracle to save their College Football Playoffs hopes on the season—and it happened in amazing fashion.

Michigan State Spartans were facing interstate rival Michigan Wolverines in a match of Top 20 teams, and with Michigan leading 23-21 with less than a few seconds remaining.

And then at the time, Michigan punter Blake O’Neill ‘had trouble with the snap,’ and the rest was history.

The play also gave birth to one of the greatest college football calls of all time by ESPN’s Sean McDonough.

The Michigan State special teamer who scored the touchdown, defensive back Jalen Watts-Jackson, unfortunately could not celebrate because he ended up breaking his hip on the play.

The Spartans eventually won the Big Ten championship later that season and earn their first College Football Playoff berth in school history.