Last night, the Michigan Wolverines relinquished the Paul Bunyan Trophy as they defeated their in-state rival Michigan State Spartans, 29-7. However, there was additional action after the game was over.

Via multiple posts on social media, a group of Spartans got into a fight with Wolverines sophomore defensive back Ja’Den McBurrows (#1) as the teams were making their way up to the locker rooms.

In the video below, you can see a few Spartans fighting with McBurrows (who’s recovering from a torn ACL) in one of the rooms in the tunnel. A couple of them were also seen literally kicking him out as well.

Yes, the footage itself is embarrassing and disappointing towards the program and players involved must be suspended, but there is another piece of footage that could have both the Spartans and McBurrows at fault.

In another video posted on Twitter, it appears that McBurrows was coming on to the tunnel while MSU was on their way up. You can see him high-fiving the fans, and (allegedly) chirping at the opposing players.

This incident can possibly be a ‘both sides’ issue, but you can bet some of the MSU people layers are definitely at fault for getting into that fight.

We’ll wait until the full investigation comes out, but that event just looked bad from all angles.


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