Tonight was an embarrassing night on the field for the Michigan State Spartans as they were shut out at home to their rival Michigan Wolverines, 49-0. But the worst part of the night occurred in the pregame on the stadium’s Jumbotron.

Multiple users have posted on X/Twitter that MSU used a picture of Hitler on the Jumbotron before their game Saturday night.

NFL insider Dov Kleiman reported that the image was used in a trivia question on where the infamous dictator was born in. Michigan State stated the question came from a ‘third party source’ and the school has apologized for those actions.

The question did come in bad taste as the country of Israel is currently in major conflict with the Palestinians and the Hamas terrorist group, who are responsible for killing numerous Jewish civilians in their path. The events also ties in with how Hitler orchestrated the worst mass killing of Jewish people during the Holocaust period in World War II.

Just an embarrassing display that happened at MSU on the screen, and the game itself was just as bad if not worse than the image.

It’s another chapter in the lost season that the Spartans are taking in after the firing of head coach Mel Tucker after the second game of the season.

**Original Photo Courtesy: College Football Report/X**


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