Michigan Hammers Down MSU And Brings The B1G Title To Ann Arbor

Written by Jonathan Garner

The wait is over and the banner will be hung, Michigan is your 2020-21 B1G champs!! And they did it in no better way. Taking down the in-state rival in a BLOWOUT victory to clinch the B1G when these games are “must wins” for MSU, because they might still not be making the big tournament in March. If anyone wants to argue that this wasn’t very well deserved and earned, then you’re straight up lying to yourself. And that seems like a crazy statement to make, to even doubt that they didn’t deserve it, but there are actual people in the Twitter world that believe Michigan is still a bad team that got lucky because of covid. I really don’t understand it because in my eyes, this is the best Michigan basketball team that I have watched throughout my lifetime.

I have been saying that this team needs to lose one more time before the NCAA tournament, because they have been on a roll lately, and if they went undefeated to close out the season then they would be too big-headed. So that Illinois loss came at the right time. I’m not saying that losing is good, but if there was a such thing as a good loss..then that was it. And that proved tonight once Michigan came out humbled and ready to prove the haters wrong.

One more game left in the regular season until the big ten tournament starts, another win against MSU to close out the season would have the players feeling really good going into the postseason. Only time will tell with this team, but I love the odds that they bring to the table. GO BLUE!!

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Jonathan Garner

Senior at Grand Valley State University
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