Well, this is surprising.

A tweet by Chris Gustafson shows a photo of a MIRS news clipping that says Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer had gone on a ‘personal trip’ to Florida to visit her father recently.

This happened after she strongly encouraged Michigan residents to not travel out of state, and has place blame on the recent surge of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) cases and stats on Spring Break travelers and her own state’s Supreme Court since then.

And this news has also shown light to the fact that the governor’s own staff, family and administration have not followed Whitmer’s rules on the COVID-19 pandemic and travel subjects.

Whitmer’s top aide Tricia Foster went to Florida for Spring Break vacation while her son was recovering from COVID, and Michigan’s new public health director Elizabeth Hertel and family also ventured down to Gulf Shores, Alabama for vacation too.

NOTE: this is a developing story. We will post more viable information about this news when they become available.

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