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#Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to Receive Courage Award for COVID-19 Service/Leadership… Yet She and her Staff Broke Their Own Rules

If you want something to laugh or cringe at today, here’s a long story for you.

In an article by WLUC TV 6 in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer will be accepting a courage award for her ‘service’ from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to this year.

“It is my honor to accept this prestigious award on behalf of every Michigander who stepped up to help their family and community through the COVID-19 pandemic,” Governor Whitmer said via TV 6. “We must all strive to live up to the call of public service put forward by President Kennedy decades ago and exemplified by the heroes on the frontlines of this pandemic who are putting shots in arms and working tirelessly in schools, stores, and hospitals statewide.”

The reasoning why she is going to receive the award is based on her actions in the pandemic such as using her emergency powers to stop the spread of the Coronavirus such as shutting down schools/businesses, banning large gatherings, and implementing mask mandates. Even with the current surge in cases, most of the rules have been relaxed since then.

However in recent weeks, Whitmer and her own administration were caught violating their own rules after telling residents to do them.

Tricia Foster, Whitmer’s top aide who was in charge of the state’s vaccine rollout, she went to Florida for a Spring Break. Her son was recovering from COVID-19 at the time.

The state’s new public health director, Elizabeth Hertel, and her family went to Alabama for vacation when her own department said to residents to not travel out of state.

And last but not least, we learned that Whitmer herself violated her own rules by visiting her father down in Florida after blaming the state for the recent surge in cases.

In Whitmer’s case to visit her father, who was ill at the time, yes, it is okay to go visit him and take care of him in emergency, but it is not okay to do that after she warned everyone to not travel out of state for any reason.

Despite all the hypocrisy, excuses and double standards that they come up with regarding their COVID-19 rules, people still either support her or wonder why many Michiganders don’t take them seriously. All these reasons that is pointed out here is the main reason why.

With the news now that she’s getting an award for her pandemic service and leadership, it is considered a slap in the face to everyone who lost their business or lives due to Whitmer’s orders. Hopefully new leadership or extensive change will help, but it needs to happen sooner rather than later.

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