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Michigan Basketball Squeaks Past an Awful Oakland Team

Written by Jonathan Garner

Well, I’m sure most of you guys are aware on how bad the Michigan football team is looking this year, and all the controversary going around the coaching staff positions. But all the Michigan fans want is for the basketball season to start, so we can forget about how bad the football team is. This basketball season is one of the most important seasons, because we need them to play well enough to where we can almost forget about how bad the football program is.

And so far that’s not the case. Second game of the season and we had a nail-biter against an awful 0-3 Oakland team. Remind you that Oakland lost by 52 to Xavier, 27 to Toledo, and by 14 to Bradley. So it’s safe to say that they aren’t a good team and we should go into this game and have it be over by halftime. Well, Michigan did that whole thing where they forget how to pass the ball, and had 20 turnovers.

Sloppy game overall, but at this point in the season a win is a win. I wouldn’t say I am upset about this game whatsoever; we won, it’s the second game of the season with a new team, and I didn’t bet on it. There are still some positives to take away from the game, like the fact that Hunter Dickinson is a dawg and he needs to get more playing time. Dickinson is a beast down low, and carried us in overtime. I like him a lot, along with the rest of the new guys, I think that this team still has a bright future once their chemistry clicks, and I’m excited to see what we look like a couple weeks. GO BLUE!!

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Senior at Grand Valley State University
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