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Michigan Basketball Makes A Statement vs Toledo

Written by Jonathan Garner

Juwan Howard has this basketball team going in the right direction to start off this season. I wish we could say that about another coach in the Michigan program… cough cough Jim Harbaugh, but it’s alright, we’re a basketball school anyways.

Austin Davis “Big Country” was a force to be reckoned with to start off the game, putting up the first 10 points for the Wolverines. Giving us early momentum, and then it was pure domination after that. Toledo didn’t stand a chance in the first half as Michigan took an 18 point lead going into half.

Nothing changed once the second half started either, the wheels were turning on all cylinders and Toledo had no answer. Davis got injured to start the half, but that didn’t affect us too much as Dickinson went full beast mode.

We went on to secure a 20 point impressive win against Toledo. Although we should have dominated this team from start to finish, we still have a new and young team so it was nice to see the chemistry improve. This team is going to be good this year, mark my words.

Michigan had that one testy game against Oakland early on in the year, but every team has a game like that. Hell, even the Pittsburgh Steelers just lost to the Washington Football Team this week, so I was never concerned about this team after that game. And after this game vs Toledo, they proved to us that they are deep.

The new guys Hunter Dickinson, Mike Smith, and Chaundee Brown Jr are developing very well here at Michigan. Dickinson is lucky to have a veteran like Austin Davis by his side to give him pointers here and there. I can see Dickinson being the real deal towards the end of the season, and maybe even being a one-and-done? I personally think he will return for his sophomore year but the talk about it has already started.

Unfortunately for us Michigan fans, we won’t be able to see us go against MSU until February 6th. So we will have to wait another 2 months until we get our revenge on those scumbags out in East Lansing. Michigan will win that game too, sure it’ll be a close game but….Juwan Howard>>Tom Izzo

There’s my “bold” prediction of the night, wouldn’t really call it bold but I don’t want to piss the MSU fans off too much in one night. Anyways, this Michigan team is in the right direction, and every game brings new light to the program. GO BLUE!!!

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