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Michael Wilbon Nails The NFL Referee Debacle

Written by Jari Sague

Refs in the NFL have hit an absolute new low, and, as a fan, it is incredibly difficult to watch. This year, it seems like every close game is decided not by the 22 players on the field, but the zebras who week in and week out make more than questionable calls in pivotal points in the game.

Yesterday was no different, as Dallas was absolutely screwed by a call late in Sunday’s game against the Patriots, where a mysterious “tripping” call stalled what could have been a game winning drive.

I could go on for days about how ridiculous it is that the NFL has gone back and forth on catches, calls, reviews, and so much more, but Michael Wilbon sums it up in this tweet he released earlier today:

You got it Wilbon: Why can’t refs just be honest with ourselves when it comes to blown calls? Humans will make mistakes, but these mistakes can be corrected with reviews, or better yet, just own up to it! Periera in particular is brutal with just siding with the refs constantly, when clearly the vast majority of fans see what actually went on, and Dallas was the victim this week.

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Alright, enough complaining, so the real question is, what can we do about it? Is it more reviews? Letting players play? More challenges? Let us know what you thought about the Dallas call, as well as what can be done to fix the referee situation in the comments below.

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