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Michael Strahan Takes Massive Shot At “Someone From This Network” During Fox Pregame Show

It’s rumored that Skip Bayless’ Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe is ready to quit the show after skipping work the following day. Shannon voiced that he would like to see Bayless remove the tweet in question during his opening monologue on Tuesday morning but the controversial analyst refuses to do so. He won’t even apologize.

Bayless claims that people at FOX had no problems with the tweet and only asked him to clarify his words when they noticed it was being misconstrued.

Now, another member of the FOX team, Michael Strahan, has spoken on the matter, declaring that the claims over the network being fine with the statement is a flat-out lie.

“For sensible people like us here to say that it didn’t affect anybody at this network, nobody at this network minded – that’s a lie. Obviously, they talked to us,” he said during FOX’s pregame show on Sunday.

Strahan didn’t call Skip out by name, instead referring to him as “someone here at this network,” whom he also said did some things “that were inhumane.”

“You don’t have to be a football player to understand how big this was,” he added.

You can hear the rest of the FOX NFL Sunday desk agreeing with Strahan, and it’s notable in that you don’t often hear this kind of direct condemnation of something Bayless (or any other talking head) says by someone else on a network.

FOX Football Analyst Michael Strahan. Photo courtsey of The Daily Mail

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