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Michael Strahan Closes Trademark Gap Between His Teeth

Written by Chris Powers

You have to wonder why it took him this long. I would not have expected Michael Strahan to ever fix the massive gap between his teeth, but after 50 years on this earth, he finally pulled the trigger.

The gap between Strahan’s teeth was so wide, even if Ray Finkle shanked a kick right he could still make it between those uprights.

Interestingly enough, just a few days before the procedure, Strahan tweeted the following.

Strahan’s social media following had mixed reviews on his new look.

This folks is the end of an area. No longer will there be jokes of Strahan’s teeth socially distancing. No longer will his teeth look like a middle school dance where the boys stand on one side and the girls dance on the other. His official clothing brand endorsement with GAP has come to an end. No longer will he have to floss with rope.

While it may have been big and noticeable, it was still a smaller gap than the Cowboys last Super Bowl until now.

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