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Michael Jordan Caught Sneaking Around With And Kissing A 25 Year Old Woman On A Yacht

Written by Chris Powers

Who would have ever thought Jordan would be able to pull this off? While he has accomplished many things throughout his career, to be able to reel in a 25 year old like Lori Harvey is next level.

Michael B. Jordan, the actor (not to be confused with Michael Jordan the basketball player) has been dating the daughter of comedian and host of Family Feud, Steve Harvey for quite some time now. You can check out this video of the two getting close to one another on a yacht.

While Michael B. Jordan shares the name with the most iconic basketball player of all time, the two have only interacted once. Last year on The Rich Eisen show, the younger Jordan described his only interaction with “The Goat.”

“I think at the time I met him it was at an All-Star event, and it was just in passing. I shook his hand and it was, like, literally less than 10 seconds in passing. I don’t even think he knew who I was at the time.”

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