Michael Chandler and Connor McGregor seemingly agree to fight in 2022

Written by Noah Gagnon

Michael Chandler lost to Justin Gaethje over the weekend at UFC 268, but that did not stop him from calling out his next opponent on twitter, and Chandler shot for the stars. He called out Connor McGregor, and McGregor actually seemed open to the idea of the fight. Check it out.

Pretty much every lightweight contender in the last 5 years has called out Conor, but I actually think this fight makes sense. Both guys are coming off back-to-back losses, and yet they both still hold an extreme amount of marketability to fans. Regardless of wins and losses, fans are always gonna watch guys like Michael Chandler and Connor McGregor fight.

Stylistically, this fight’s pretty awesome as well. We know Chandler has the ability to stand and bang, but will he be able to keep up with the tactical striking and power of Conor? And what about Conor’s takedown defense? Is he gonna be able to get his defense to the point where he can keep this thing standing?

It’s especially interesting for Conor because his defenders, AKA me, say things like “well he technically still is in his prime because his losses only come to Khabib and Poirier, and nobody beats those guys anyway.” But, if Chandler takes it to him, then it’s just another massive hit to the legacy of Conor McGregor. On the flip side, Chandler is a talented enough fighter where a victory puts Conor right back into title contention, and right back into the conversation of the sport’s elite fighters.


So yeah, let’s do this thing. Conor’s acting pretty nice on Twitter, so I’m really 50/50 on whether or not we’d get compliment Dustin Poirier’s hot sauce Conor, or throw a dolly through a bus Conor, but I’m really down for either. This fight would rule.

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