Miami Hurricanes Overcome A Mascot Death Game In An Electric Win. Afterwards NC State Kicker Makes His Twitter Private After Prematurely Celebrating Like A Soft Clown

Written by SpaceGhostChedd

First off, RIP to Tuffy II the mascot for NC State, he was a cute dog.

Everyone knows that after a team’s live mascot dies, all the luck is on their side for their next game and the other team already has bad juju, for example Air Force a few years back after their falcon mascot pass away. Howeva’, that wasn’t the case tonight! THE Miami Hurricanes came out with the 44-41 in comeback fashion that had every at the edge of their seats all game. The refs were terrible and tried to fuck the Canes over, but we’ll get more into the actual game on this week’s episode of 5P.M. @ Monty’s. My Co-Host @SpikedRob also mentioned that NC State should’ve hat multiple dogs as their mascot, since their name is the ‘Wolfpack’. Makes a lot of sense that they fucked that up since they’re a clown program anyway.

A big moment of the game was when NC State’s kicker hit a huge field goal late in the game to put them up by 10 and as everyone does when playing The U, they tried to disrespect us as much as possible because it’s their Super Bowl game every time we play the:

Not only does did this kid look like a fool, but his team blew the game ended up blowing the game and he’s so soft that after the game he immediately switched his Twitter account to private LMAO:

What a terrible look to say the least LMAO. Not to mention their defense faked injuries all night to stop us from making quick drives down the field. Talk about taking multiple L’s in one night.

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