Anybody want James Harden?




While I may have always found him to be over rated and not a true number one for a championship caliber, the fact of the matter is that many NBA teams would love to have a superstar like him on their roster. He can score at will. He has years of experience playing at a high level, and he even has a giant freakin’ beard to make him a marketable personality to add even more dollar bills to the bottom line. Singles preferably, am I right?

Anyways, after yet another disappointing post season with the Houston Rockets, rumors were running rampant that the team was about to be blown up. First, it was coach Mike D’Antoni not returning to the team for the upcoming season. Not a total shock. When your contract is coming due and you can’t get your squad to that imaginary next level, the writing is on the wall. Then came a shocker in Daryl Morey stepping down as team General Manager. He was the supposed genius who liked to preach his ‘analytics’ and other crap, while never winning an NBA Finals. Ironic, huh?

It wasn’t over quiet yet though, as fellow over rated superstar Russell Westbrook was shipped out of town to the Washington Wizards for yet another over rated, highly priced championship-lee superstar John Wall. The floodgates opened on all the dysfunction within the Houston organization, mainly surrounding one man: James Harden. Not only was the world crashing down around, he now, too, wanted out.

That brings us back to the question at the top: Who wants this guy, who may score a million points a year but can’t win the big one and seems to enjoy the party life more than the NBA Finals life?

The Philadelphia 76ers now have Morey running the show, so that has been rumored. Would be pretty wild if that trade went down…but still, no NBA Finals. 

The Brooklyn Nets were apparently the preferred destination for Harden but unless they want to give up a huge asset, it isn’t happening. By giving up one of their stars, it negates the point in creating a ‘super team’ by getting Harden. They are just as well to stay pat.

The Miami Heat were rumored to be interested. However, it looks like we can end that speculation.

Doesn’t seem like talks were ever super serious to begin with. Outside of those three teams, I have no idea. He may have to just stick it out in Houston with Wall for a year or two. That fat contract and off the court crap is just too much right now, especially for a guy who doesn’t have a bunch of championship rings to show off. My gut tells me Morey will be bold enough and dumb enough to give up some valuable pieces just to reunite with his beloved Harden. How about all of YOU? Where in the world will James Harden land?

Written by Justin Watry (Twitter: @JustinWatry)


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