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Mets General Manager is Already Off to a Questionable Start

The new Mets General manager, Billy Eppler, is already a little off. Here is why:

What in the right field does that mean?

I have one idea on the solution. Maybe he wants them to wait for the right pitch, but swing very hard whenever they do decide to swing. Other than that, I am beat.

I mean what do you want, relaxed or aggressive, you can’t be both. Yes, there is a term passive-aggressive, but c’mon now think of something better guy!

Approach is crucial at the plate and the Mets do need better hitting this upcoming season in order to get back to the playoffs, but he should have addressed that answer in any other style than what he did in that interview. I’m just saying!

Eppler has a lot of pressure for immediate success. The Mets have the money, they have the market, but they have yet to be compenante. That is a big step to have success at the Major League level.

Also, Eppler can’t be worse than the last full-time General Manager…however that answer that he had about the hitting approach already has me SLIGHTLY worried for the franchise.

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