MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US! The Fighting Illini WHOOPS Mizzou, And Earns #BragginRights!

Written by Kellen Sherman


Oh boy Mizzou, that HAS TO STING, right? I mean; this is one of the BIGGEST GAMES on your schedule, and you’re going to get blown out like that? ACTUALLY, scratch that…….this IS going to be the biggest game on your schedule, and you’re going to get blown out like some JV team that was forced to practice against the varsity?

It’s…’s sad, to say the least. But to be honest…’s not surprising! I mean; Mizzou doesn’t have the greatest team this year. They WERE 6-5 heading into this game (now 6-6), and they’re only REAL HOPE to compete in March would be an NIT berth. They didn’t shoot well AT ALL (37% from the field, 26% from 3PT), and their only “bright spot” was Jarron Coleman, who lead the way with 16 PTS on 7/9 shooting.

But the thing is……they didn’t have what the Illini have! They didn’t have Kofi Cockburn, who basically BULLIED the Tiger’s undersized front court, on his way to a 25 PTS/14 REB night. They also didn’t have Alfonso Plummer, who put up 22 points of his own, to go along with 8-12 shooting from the field (3-5 from 3).

Basically folks…….this had a “big fight feel” at the start, but ended up becoming a “first round knockout!” The Illini took the lead EARLY in the first half, and they just didn’t look back. It was an absolute DRUBBING from the beginning, and I LOVED every single minute of it!

So, to all of those Mizzou fans, I say…….better luck next year! Because these boys are going to be DANCING all the way back to Champaign. These boys are going to be BRAGGIN all the way back to campus!


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