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Mercy, Mercy Me: The Philadelphia Eagles’ victory parade is so sweet

Written by TK

At last, at last. The Philadelphia Eagles are World Champions for the first time since 1960! After destroying their city down to the ground almost, most of those same championship ravenous fans came out in full force Thursday to celebrate their favorite team’s conquest for glory.

A ton of Eagles fans poured into Philadelphia early this morning. A lot of them showed up right before dawn. Just to be able to take part in the city’s first-ever Super Bowl parade. That elusive ring that fans of Philly have craved for is elusive no longer. They are now celebrating a championship they’ve agonized over for decades. Philadelphia is currently on Cloud 9,000.

Fans braved frigid wind to secure a prime viewing spot along the 5-mile parade route starting near the team’s stadium and ending at the art museum steps.

The parade kicked off at 11 a.m. The team cruised slowly from Broad and Pattison, which is very adjacent to Lincoln Financial Field. Then, they made their way back to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Eagles players, coaches and staff members waved like the royalty they became last Sunday with their improbable uplifiting win out in Minneapolis.

An estimated 2 million fans showed up to the parade. That nearly doubles the estimated 1.2 million that showed up for the Philadelphia Phillies World Series parade back in 2009. Talk about a dedicated group of fans.

Nonetheless, the Eagles fan base gets a bad rep for being a rather trashy bunch with very little remorse. Most of the time, Philly fans can be tough. REAL tough. Still, I can’t remember a time where I was more elated for a franchise that I didn’t readily root for. This is a championship tale for the ages.

All the years of playoff failure, bad trades, and dreams crushed, the City of Brotherly Love was finally brought together in essence to say goodbye to the past and celebrate their reign over NFL superiority.

As a fan of an awful team, believe me. I understand, Philly. Celebrate your hearts out. You guys deserve it!

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