Memorable Olympic Games of Our Time

Written by TrevStone

Despite many professional sporting activities taking a break worldwide, we seem to have found a way back to the stadiums. Gone are days we could only find entertainment by playing Net Online slots and calling it a day. Currently, the Olympics are underway, and everyone seems to be talking about Tokyo. The world’s top athletes are converging to compete for the medals and raise their countries’ flags high. So, as this craze continues to take over the world, we take you back in memory by highlighting some of the best Olympic Games that this one won’t certainly eclipse. Let’s find out;

  1. The 1960 Olympics in Rome

These summer games were a blend of both modern-day and ancient heritages. During this time, Rome built and showcased itself to the world as one of the best cities Europe has ever had. New facilities were built for different sporting activities in honor of the city’s rich ancient culture.

The 1960 Olympics edition will be remembered as one where the marathon was run and finished at night.  Ethiopia’s Abebe Bikila was the gold medalist for this marathon, and he run barefoot through the dark streets of Rome aided by candles and flashlights. That year, he became the first black African to win a gold medal at the Olympics.

  1. Beijing Olympics, 2008

The Beijing Olympics are best remembered by the opening ceremony, which stands as one of the greatest spectacles the world has ever experienced in any sporting event. It was also the Olympics where Michael Phelps Olympic immortality was put to the test. 

This Olympic edition also saw Usain Bolt win the 100 meters in a record breaking performance. Bolt would also later break Michael Johnson’s world record in the 200 meters race that had been long-standing for 12 years. Essentially, the Beijing Olympics were centered on Phelps and Bolt’s heroics. There were also other highlights on the basketball games, the huge adoring crowds, and the exciting venue.

  1. Barcelona Olympics, 1992

Barcelona Olympics will be remembered as the first summer Olympics held after the fall of the Berlin Wall. For the first time since 1964, Germany presented a unified Olympics squad to represent it in the Catalonian capital. 

There were a total of 169 nations that participated in these games. It was also the first time professional basketball was brought to the Olympics by the US, raising the sport’s profile around the world. As a result, the US began its long-standing dominance in this sport with a prolonged winning streak against all nations.

  1. Sydney Olympics, 2000

Sydney Olympic Games remain popular up to date. Though Australia’s time zone meant there would be viewing disasters for most people worldwide, there are still many positives to take from these games. One of the most notable performances was from Australians who took advantage of their host status to conquer swimming races.   

These Olympic Games also introduced the 15-year-old Michael Phelps, who would, later on, become one of the world’s most decorated Olympians.

Final Thought

Since the first edition of The Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, we have had the games rotate across top world cities. The current 2020 Olympics marks the 32nd edition of the games, with Japan playing host for the 4th time.

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