Melinda Gates is About To Get PAID

Written by schultzyca

The most evil duo in the world Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorce after 27 years of marriage. Let me tell you that woman is about to get PAIDDDDDDDDDDDDDD and I probably didn’t include enough D’s. I am sure Melinda was one of the richest women in the world but she certainly will be the richest after she gets her money

Let me tell you I would love to be the lawyers representing those two because whoever those lucky SOB’s are they will be set for live and can leave their practices.

I don’t feel bad for Bill Gates because he is an evil individual but can you believe working all your life and having more money than God just to have to give half away to some broad who probably contributed nothing to Microsoft. YIKES.

These memes and Twitters reactions just go to prove that this is the best app on the face of the Earth and shouldn’t be free. Here are some of my favorite tweets about the Gates splitting:

I guess I will take this moment to shoot my shot at Melinda, do you want to have some fun with a 22 year old this summer?

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