For years, the WWE Universe has been lied to.

Bray Wyatt has told tales of a being and mythological figure named “Sister Abigail.” Heck, we all bought it. I plead guilty. Every week, every month, every single year now since his big debut, it has been all anybody speculated on pertaining to his character. With his new persona The Fiend, it seemed we may finally have an answer in the form of Alexa Bliss. Finally! At long last, the mystery of “Sister Abigail” was solved, right?


The truth is the real life “Sister Abigail” isn’t even in WWE. At least not yet that is.

Her name is Tatevik Hunanyan, now referred to as Tatevik The Gamer. When WWE surprisingly gave up their trademark to the “Sister Abigail” name, Tatevik was waiting in the wings. Obviously, it was opposed and thus began the duel. WWE filed the following:

“Hunanyan was an extra for WWE in 2016 and 2017 and expressed a desire to portray the WWE SISTER ABIGAIL character in WWE programming. She never portrayed the WWE SISTER ABIGAIL character and is now attempting to usurp WWE’s intellectual property by filing the Sister Abigail Application. By applying for a mark that is identical in sight, sound and commercial meaning to Opposer’s SISTER ABIGAIL Mark in connection with identical services as those provided by Opposer. Applicant’s applied-for mark in the Sister Abigail Application is likely to cause confusion among consumers as to Opposer’s affiliation and/or sponsorship of Applicant’s services.”

I asked Tatevik about this year long battle, and it appears to be over with now but not entirely forgotten:

“By now it’s no news that WWE has obtained the Sister Abigail trademark. And what an appropriate date they chose to obtain the mark, on the one year anniversary of the Fiend. I was glad to give it up because the battle had ran its course, and to be honest, they did me a favor. I was happy to let it go. The debt was paid in full and I was free to go.”

While the Armenian did not follow professional wrestling as she grew up (family never exposed her to it), her background includes classically trained ballet, combat arts, being an actress who has appeared in films with Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren, a competitive gamer as her name cites…and yes, professional wrestling more recently. She told back in 2019 that both Kevin Nash and Road Warrior Animal helped her along the way, suggesting to trademark it. Of course, there is also that time spent with Women Of Wrestling, at the recommendation of Jeanie Buss.


“I haven’t spoken to Jeanie Buss in years. She’s focused on her family, her businesses, and her first baby, the LA Lakers. I don’t think I would have been in the wrestling business if it weren’t for Jeanie. As the first Armenian female, wrestling was a huge culture shock. I really didn’t think I belonged or would fit the mold but she saw something in me at the time that I didn’t think I had. I remember just showing up, going with flow, and enjoying the journey into the world of wrestling.”

When she did finally spill the beans to WWE about her idea to portray Sister Abigail, she was ready. Telling the Post and Courier in late 2019:

“I showed up with everything on Sister Abigail that I had created. I created my own outfit. A seamstress and designer friend of mine helped put the look together. I had a lookbook which was titled ‘The Resurrection of Sister Abigail.’ This was the character concept created by me. I painted the picture from then, now and the future. I laid out the whole platform.”


She received a bonus, her workload increased in late 2017, and some even began to refer to her behind the scenes as the future “Sister Abigail” as she got positive feedback. Slowly but surely, it began to unravel. Citing the Post And Courier in late 2019 again:

“They took control and ran with it. And I was chasing them to make sure they weren’t going to mess it up. That was my number one concern … that they were going to screw this up. Now everything changed. What people thought Sister Abigail is or is not, including the WWE and Bray Wyatt, everything changed. Now the real entity walks in and hands them over the key, and says ‘Here it is.’ But you kick me out of the door, that’s not OK. You take my key and run with it and you lock the door, now I have to break the door I created down and hope that I can somehow get back in, which is literally what I had to do.”

Eventually, that led to the 2018 trademark issue, resolved a year later. While the journey may have had twists and turns along the way, Tatevik tells me she is nearing the completion of her degree in Business Leadership at Ashford University.

“My journey back to school has been very rewarding and one of the best decisions of my life. I’m three years strong and one year left to go towards obtaining my degree in Business Leadership. It was a necessary step which has opened my eyes to the mistakes I’ve made in the past and also the mistakes that others made around me and got away with. Experience will always be your best teacher but school will challenge you to become the very best version of yourself.”

No hard feelings though, telling she even wished her WWE contact happy holidays after everything took place and even took part in a WWE casting two years ago. How does Tatevik feel about Alexa Bliss in this latest “Sister Abigail” kinda character with Lilly every Monday on the USA Network?

Alexa is an exceptional performer. I think she’s one of the very few performers right now that can carry that weight and make it look effortless. A lot of wrestlers have trouble disconnecting from themselves and adapting a whole new persona just like that, and I think she’s played that part and played it quite well. However, what’s happening with the story between her and the Fiend are not what people think. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors and I can’t help but smile knowing exactly where this is going. I pay very close attention to details/the critics, and so far, no ones cracked the code. Everyones’ missed the mark. Fans seem to either love or hate what’s happening and that’s expected. I don’t think Bray should be affected by the judgement and neither should he care. From the day he announced that Abigail was alive, I smiled and I knew that the Bray Wyatt as we knew him would never be the same again. It was game time and my fate was sealed. I was excited and equally terrified, confident yet insecure. Everything was out of my control…or was it?”

No doubt has Alexa been amazing in her new role on WWE Raw. However, is that the real “Sister Abigail” or something thrown together and changed multiple times throughout the creative process? We may never know, until one Tatevik Hunanyan reveals the whole truth and nothing but the truth, as she may be the only person on the planet who understands just what or who “Sister Abigail” is…

“How many times have we heard them say, don’t believe everything you hear on the internet, yet somehow people keep falling into the same trap? People on the internet are interesting and of course, no one knows how to discern the truth. People’s theories are far more exciting and their truth is based on their fantasies, rumors, and personal preference. And I get that. It’s a new beginning and people are excited to find out where this is all going. But in that excitement you create a cobweb of lies. At what point do you just stop and listen and think, hey, maybe we were wrong all along. Because they were. Personally, I’m a skeptic of everything but I’m also willing to believe anything. But who should we believe and why does it matter? I hope that those who are reading this can start viewing the story outside of their own perspective and through the lens of the person this story is being told. The real Sister Abigail. Because only then will the story make sense. But this is nearly impossible for the average viewer because they’ve either got it all figured out or still busy arguing who’s going to play who, and what they think is going to happen next. This was the problem from the very beginning. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to the changes we are about to witness and I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of the experience.”

Written by Justin Watry

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Big thanks to Tatevik for helping out. Be sure to follow her at @TatevikTheGamer on Twitter!


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