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Meet Barstool Sports Recent Hire Brandon Walker | Went from MyBookie To Barstool Meme And Now Lands A Job With Barstool All Within 24 Hours

Written by TrevStone

Yesterday was a very crazy day for Barstool Sports and MyBookie. Dave Portnoy the founder of Barstool Sports who is known for being a sports gambler and an employee from MyBookie decided to come at Portnoy for no reason at all. And then Dave decided to fire back and the entire Internet exposed MyBookie for the scam that they are. It even led to the very popular Pat McAfee whose podcast studio is sponsored by MyBookie to suspend all ads.

But it doesn’t end there. At that time Brandon Walker whose daily show was sponsored by MyBookie went on a live video which he does just about everyday and he was flooded with a bunch of Stoolies. He then became a short laughing stock for the Barstool community…. But… during his live video he showed nothing but love for Dave and Barstool plus had a good laugh the entire time even though he was being roasted for basically no reason.

Obviously like everything with Barstool there would be clips posted and video’s made even by Barstool employees:

Well… As he prepared… So Did Dave.

Dave had Brandon call into radio.

There you have it. From a Barstool meme to the most recent hire.

“The sun shines on every dogs ass every now and then. And that dogs ass is mine, I am that dog. There I was pumping my gas. Then life changed. I am a bad mother fucker, and I got hired by a bunch of bad mother fuckers.”

Here was his first episode of Barstool Gambling’s latest show, Walk The Line:

“Yesterday you watched me for another network do another show. I have decided to leave that network and join Barstool Sports, Barstool Gambling.”

“The Stoolies found me, there was a beef between Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports and, I have a tremendous respect for Dave I have tremendous respect for Barstool, I’ve always loved them.”

“I am the lucky son of a bitch, by doing my job and getting my shit done, I am able to join one of the best organizations in all of National Media.”

Congrats Brandon!

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