The Raiders Maxx Crosby and the Chargers Joey Bosa are two of the best pash rushers in the NFL. They both play in the AFC West and their teams face each twice a year. After Crosby’s recent comments about Bosa, it’s pretty safe to say they won’t be exchanging Christmas cards anytime soon.

During a recent appearance on the podcast, Bussin’ With The Boys, Maxx Crosby spoke about Bosa. In particular, he acknowledged how Bosa reacted when the Chargers took on the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Both during, and following the game, Joey Bosa did not hold back with his criticism of the referees.

Crosby had some words for Bosa about his behavior.

“A couple games ago, when fu–ing dude had a meltdown, and blaming the refs, I see dudes blaming the refs, “Oh, fu–ing o-lineman hold all the time refs don’t call it” like I’ll never be that guy,” stated Crosby.

He then added, “S–t like that is so weak to me. Like, you’re going to get held. Like, I know. I get held all the time, bro. You watch the Rams last drive against us, bro! I was getting literally tackled. But I’m not going to go and double down and look like a little fu–ing crybaby, you know what I mean. That’s not me.”

Bosa will not be happy about Crosby’s comments. This will be a good subplot, when these two teams meet up next season.

Raiders DE Maxx Crosby. Photo courtsey of Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports


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