Max Kellerman is off First Take

Written by Noah Gagnon

In a bombshell today, it came out that Max Kellerman is expected to be removed from First Take. Kellerman is expected to now have an extended role with ESPN Radio, and this creates a need for him to be booted from morning TV. Max can get out of the MMA world, but I have always enjoyed him on first take. Here’s some of his best moments.

Gotta love it when he put Ryan Hollins in a complete body bag. And of course, who could forget the infamous Andre Iguodala clip.

So, who’s your vote to replace Max? I’d certainly be down for a Skip and Stephen A. reunion, but I don’t think Skip’s billion-dollar contract with Fox would allow that. So, maybe S.A.S just does monologue rants for an hour, and occasionally destroys Kendrick Perkins? I’d be here for that too. If we’re being honest, the show’s ratings aren’t gonna take a hit as long as Stephen A. is there, so maybe tossing Max on the radio is for the best.

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