Mavs Lose Again – Luka Doncic is Frustrated and Losing Joy In Baskebtall

Another game, another Dallas Mavericks loss. This seems to be the new norm for the Mavs, who continue to free fall in the standings, a far cry from their achievement last season when they reached the Western Conference Finals. 

Even with the addition of Kyrie Irving, the Mavs are nowhere near the upper echelon in the west and they might miss the play-ins when the season wraps up a few weeks from now. 

The latest embarrassment was losing to the lowly Charlotte Hornets tonight, 117-109. Former Mavs guard, Dennis Smith Jr., must have felt vindicated after draining the dagger three against his former team after the way he was shipped to make room for a then-rookie Doncic in 2019. 

Luka’s postgame interview was met with frustration and doubt about his love of the game – not a good sign when a beloved superstar is frustrated about the lackluster play of his team.

Mark Cuban and the Mavs are still figuring out the right pieces to surround their disgruntled star for the past four years but the right mix hasn’t been found yet. 

The Porzingis experiment was a failure. Jalen Brunson complimented the team well but they let him walk for nothing during free agency. They could have re-signed him in the middle of last season but failed to do so. And there is a huge possibility that Kyrie Irving will walk away from the current mess the Mavs are in right now. 

With Luka’s frustration, does it stem from losing some of his close friends like Dorian Finney-Smith, Jalen Brunson, and Boban Marjanovic either in trade or free agency? Luka is like LeBron in an eerily similar way – it’s hard to find co-stars to compliment their game. The Mavs have been active in every trade deadline since Luka was drafted but to no avail.

Despite having one of the easiest schedules down the stretch, they continue to lose against lottery-bound teams and struggle to compete against contenders. Sad to say but their season looks over after tonight’s loss against the Hornets.

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