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Matthew Stafford Sets Up His Own Instagram; Shows Off Super Bowl Ring

The current Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford is having himself a hell of a year in 2022.

From winning a Super Bowl to earning a new contract extension worth up to $40 million per year, Stafford is doing okay so far in LA. However, what he has pulled off on Instagram will shock a lot of football fans, including ones from his former team, the Detroit Lions.

On Instagram, Stafford now has his own account on his app. And what was his first post? Him showing off his fresh, new Super Bowl ring of course.

It is eye-opening for both Lions and Rams fans to see him with a verified account as Stafford once said on record per Yahoo Sports, that he had no known ties to any social media account. His wife Kelly, however, is very active on social media herself, especially with her own Instagram account.

Good for Matthew to flaunt his Super Bowl championship ring though, looks flashy from our eyes.

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