Matthew Stafford is garbage. There is no other way around it. He should be ashamed of himself for watching a female photographer covering the Rams Super Bowl parade fall down, gaze at her while she plummets to the ground, motion towards his wife to check on her, while he turns his back and walks away. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

Stafford clearly acknowledges the fall with the face that he made, but clearly gave zero fucks if the lady hurt herself. Meanwhile, his angel of a wife Kelly Stafford immediately ran towards her to make sure she was ok. Meanwhile, Matthew turns around and simply walks away pretending like nothing happened.

What kind of self respecting man would watch a woman fall down like this lady did and do nothing to help. He could have even stuck around to ask if she was okay after his wife sprung to action? But what did he do instead? He turned his back and walked away.

One of things many people said they loved about the Super Bowl this year was the fact that both quarterbacks were very likable and neither was a prima donna. Clearly after today, that is not the case.

Here’s to Stafford’s 2022 season ending like Joe Theisman’s 1985 and Alex Smith’s 2018 seasons. Hopefully nobody will be there to help him off the field.


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