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Matthew Stafford and Wife Kelly Had A Little Too Much To Drink; Los Angeles Rams Upset?

Written by TrevStone

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly Stafford have started to post more and more of their life on social media. Kelly Stafford didn’t post too much of Matthew out drinking or having any fun while he was a quarterback in Detroit, now that changes?

It makes total sense. Los Angeles is made for fun and Detroit is hard-working blue-collar type of people.

What a great looking couple. One of the best looking couples in the entire NFL. And their story together, it’s great.

As a Lions fan I wish Stafford nothing but the best. Although I think he has a big challenge ahead of him, I hope he can knock it down. But I wish she would have been able to have more fun in Detroit. I guess you ‘can’t have fun’ when all you were doing is losing. Makes sense. Good for the Staffords.

Are the Los Angeles Rams mad about this? No. Why would they be? Stupid that people would assume that they might be. But obviously they’re not gonna be upset about Stafford having a little fun.

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