About three months ago I was talking about wanting to buy Dogecoin but every time I went the process seemed too hard. But this morning I woke up and figured out the easiest way to buy in my opinion. I’m not going to get into that part here because there are many easier ways than the way I bought it.

I’m no expert but I’m pretty excited about the future of Dogecoin. I’ve bought bitcoin in the past. But I’ve been more into buying stocks recent – it’s time to expand that.

While searching for content for Dogecoin and to stay up to date I found this channel, Final Stand, which is honestly the best channel out there for Dogecoin content.

I’ve had him on my screen for hours now. On the current stream he’s had over 200,000 people watch his video while it’s live. The host, Matt Wallace, does an amazing job. His energy is unreal. He won’t tell you what to do, like some people do, but instead he’ll tell you what HE is doing.

I’ve tried to watch other content creators talk about Dogecoin and it’s hard to watch. It’s cringe, doesn’t have any information, doesn’t keep you up to the second. Wallace does a great job!

He’s even been mentioned on the news for his Doge content:
And as you can see Elon Musk replied to him. You have to be doing something right for that to happen.


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