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Matt Riddle Signs New WWE Deal For High Amount Bro!

Written by jwatry

Matt Riddle is not going anywhere folks.

Everybody’s favorite ‘bro’ has reportedly signed a new three year WWE contract, according to The Wrestling Observer. His current deal was rumored to be up in August 2021, his original one signed back in 2018. The new contract is reportedly worth approximately $400,000 per year with every Saudi Arabia appearance netting him a $50,000 bonus. The story notes that the first offer was different but eventually altered, which he has then signed. Congrats!

Fightful Select confirmed the details and yes, he has indeed inked the new deal and is staying put. I have a few thoughts on this.

First, please note the Saudi Arabia bonus money. I know a lot of fans get all crazy and wild about talent heading over there, but money talks. I am sorry, but it does. Bill Goldberg and The Undertaker were rumored to be be paid well over a million dollars per match in Saudi Arabia. I don’t care if you are a legend or a newcomer; that is serious money. Whether you want to take a moral stance or not, that’s a ton of dough. If somebody is flashing a fat paycheck in front of you for ONE match, come on. It only multiplies if you have a wife and children at home relying on you for a roof over your head and foot on the table.

Good for Riddle on banking that extra bonus money, should WWE go back to Saudi Arabia anytime soon. You know, the whole fans and live events thing still up in the air.

Second, I would like to note that while I have my reservations on a lot of the reporting by The Wrestling Observer, Fightful has always been top notch. I reached out to them way back when and let them know I love their work. Great things happening over there, nothing but props. If they report news, you can take it as accurate. If it involves Riddle, odds raise even more, as the two sides are close. No doubt on the sourcing there.

Thirdly, I hope this means Riddle can finally catch a legitimate break. He was goofy in NXT and has been pretty goofy since moving to main roster. Smackdown and Raw really. He is more than a one note comedy act. The “Hardy Bros” deal with Jeff Hardy is clever and all but no thanks. Matt Riddle is the real deal between the ropes and has not been able to show it yet in ALL of his NXT/WWE matches. The closest was earlier this year against Timothy Thatcher inside the Fight Pit.

THAT is what we want to see from Riddle. 

Here’s hoping this new contract gives the company more confidence to back him moving forward.

By Justin Watry (Twitter: @JustinWatry)

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