Matt Prater Might Have Just Saved Matt Patricia’s Job

Written by Will

Thanks to Matt Prater’s late-game heroics, Matt Patricia will most likely keep his job for at least another week. Some rumors were saying if the Lions lose to Washington, then Patricia would be fired. You can’t lose to Washington, a two-win team, a team that doesn’t even have a damn name at home and not be fired. Regardless of the win, this game wasn’t pretty for Matt Patricia.

The Lions, as they always do, started hot. Scoring on their first drive of the game and going into the half up 17-3.

This was the first game that the Lions officially had Deandre Swift as the main running back. Swift proved why fans have been begging him to be running back number one. Swift rushed 81 yards on 16 carries with five catches for 68 yards and one touchdown. The fact it took this coaching staff until week 10 to realize that Swift should be running back number one may be enough to be fired.

Swift’s touchdown put the Lions up 21 in the third and then as it always does for the Lions, that lead disappeared. The Lions gave up 21 unanswered points and allowed Washington to tie the game.

An utter embarrassment for this defense, that gave up 390 yards to Alex Smith. A guy who hasn’t started a game 728 days. By the way, no hate on Smith, his comeback story is incredible and he tore the Lions up. His 390 yards is a career-high, plus a new career-high with 38 completions. This is ridiculous that the Lions keep giving up these huge leads. The Lions have had eight losses with a double-digit lead since 2019.

The Lions would go up three. Thanks to some awful flags, the Redskins would march right back down the field and tied the game. Lions had 16 seconds to work with and thanks to Matthew Stafford, the Lions got in field goal range. Stafford had his best performance in a few weeks, throwing for 276 yards and three touchdowns. Stafford is now tied with Joe Montana for 17th all-time passing touchdowns. Put some respect on his name.

Thanks to the two Matts, the Lions got the win as time expired.

Even though the Lions won, it is hard to be positive about this win. The team once again gave up a double-digit lead, and barely beat a two-win Washington team at home. I still want Patricia to be fired, even after the win because there is no excuse for that awful collapse. It’s the same old stuff every week. I doubt the Lions will but move on.

The team now stands at 4-5, with a road trip to Carolina up next. Patricia will most likely be the coach. Nothing would make me happier for Patricia to prove me wrong, and the Lions go on a run but I don’t see that happening. Prove me wrong Patricia.

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