Matt Patricia “We Gotta Coach Better. We Gotta Play Better”

Get out of here with this garbage. You are 3-5, in last place, and just got embarrassed by the Vikings. Of course you need to be better. Feels like every week I hear Patricia say something along the lines of “We gotta be better.” We have been hearing that for three years and nothing has changed. In fact, it has only gotten worse.

Yep, gotta get better coach! I am so sick of hearing this week after week, either be better or shut the hell up. This defense is so bad, it feels like they are practicing social distancing on the field. The offense isn’t much better, this whole team is frustrating. You have had three plays within the last two weeks where only ten men have been on the field from this genius rocket scientist. I can’t believe I actually thought Patricia was going to be the answer for the Lions. Patricia is the most maddening coach I’ve seen coach the Lions and that says a lot. Get out of here with that “we gotta be better” crap, everyone with a brain knows the Lions have to be better. Why don’t you actually get better instead of just saying it.

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