Matt Patricia Was Disliked More Than We Thought

Written by Will

We have heard a good amount of these quotes the last few days from Lions players. That tells me that Patricia was disliked more than we thought, which is telling. Peterson saying that football is “back to being fun.” That’s the biggest difference in Patricia and interim coach Darrell Bevell. Patricia was a dictator, he thought he was Bill Belichick. Patricia missed one key part of Belichick’s formula: winning. When you are a hard-ass to the players and don’t back it up with results, no one is going to like or even respect you. Bevell has a different attitude with the Lions. He wants them to have fun.

I know it sounds crazy but letting your players have fun and be free leads to them actually wanting to play for you and respecting you. Really not a hard concept that Patricia couldn’t understand. Just from watching the Lions Sunday, you could tell the attitude was different. The players were actually having fun and were locked in. Two things that never happened under Patricia. I’m so glad this guy is gone from Detroit, he was worse than we ever thought.

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