Matt McGloin is a Terrible Quarterback and Teammate

Written by Shawn S.

In his second game starting as quarterback of the XFL’s New York Guardians, Matt McGloin and his team struggled against a DC Defenders team that looks to be the cream of the crop in the new football league.

McGloin’s play at quarterback contributed to his team being down 0-12 at halftime but he had this to say when interviewed at the break:

Sure doesn’t sound like a leader of a team that’s owning up to his own bad play; blaming everybody else is not a good look.

After halftime, McGloin came back out and threw a pick-six.

McGloin (8/19, 42%, 49 yards, 2 INTs) was benched in the fourth quarter in favor of former UNC quarterback Marquise Williams. The Guardians were defeated 27-0 by the Defenders and McGloin certainly looks like a a player who just talked himself into a spot on the bench.

On the sideline, McGloin said repeatedly that this was one of the worst games he had been apart of. Maybe that is because McGloin continues to be one of the worst professional quarterbacks we’ve seen. Go home, Matt.

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