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Matt Hardy Joins The Elite and Brodie Lee is Revealed as The Exalted One – AEW Dynamite Review | #AEW #AEWDynamite

Written by Colby Faria

All Elite Wrestling’s latest edition of their weekly Dynamite show emanates from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida behind closed doors with no fans on hand due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. WWE’s NXT episode will be mainly highlights of past shows & not much, if any live programming, so we will just be reviewing AEW, this evening.

Let’s get into the action…

Segment 1 – The show begins with Cody standing in the middle of the ring & he says in the scheme of things we’re so small…but it’s made him realize how important the product that they produce is & he’s never felt more alive. Cody then says Matt Jackson cannot misplace his anger towards Adam Page because of what the Inner Circle did to his brother. He goes on to say Adam Page is the best wrestler in The Elite & has a lethal combo of light heavyweight skills & heavyweight power & also says that if Page wants to stop being considered the “other guy” in The Elite, then he needs to not be just the other guy. He then turns his attention to Kenny Omega & says he & Kenny can’t get complacent on who the best in The Elite is before someone else passes them by. He says he needs The Elite to be The Elite at Blood and Guts against The Inner Circle. Kenny Omega & Matt Jackson then come down to the ring. Omega grabs the mic & says he doesn’t even know if there will be an AEW Dynamite, last week & the world is crumbling down around them but if they’re going to go out, he wants to go out together, as The Elite. Matt takes the mic & says it’s just the 3 of them out there then asks where Adam Page is. Page comes out from the back then Jackson says he realizes their relationship won’t be fixed overnight then asks if Page will be with The Elite at Blood and Guts…Page salutes to Matt with his beer in his band, signalling that he’s in and then walks off. Omega says hit the lights, hit the pyro at let’s start AEW Dynamite like it always has. The pyro goes off, the music plays & we go to the commentary booth with Jim Ross, Excalibur & Taz who rundown tonight’s matches.

Segment 2 – We see a video package hyping up the Death Triangle and Best Friends rivalry then we see Tony Schiavone interviewing MJF. MJF says he’s going to rest his undefeated body while the under-card performers get some TV time then we see Shawn Spears sitting down at ringside. MJF and Spears are betting on the matches, tonight. We then see Brandi Rhodes in the ring who is serving as the ring announcer, she introduces Best Friends & The Lucha Bros who make their entrances as Orange Cassidy joins the commentary table & puts his feet up on the table & lays back as the match gets underway. Rey Fenix and Trent start this one off. The pair trade some back and forth for a couple of minutes before Fenix takes control with a nice slam then we head to a commercial break. Back from the break & Best Friends take control then Chuck & Trent are about to hug then they decide to just touch elbows, instead but the pair are met with super-kicks by Fenix & Pentagon. Cassidy makes his way to ringside at knocks out the Lucha Bros with a flip, Chuck throws Pentagon in the ring, drills him with a pile-driver, goes for the pin but Pentagon kicks out. Fenix and Pentagon hit Chuck with their patented pile-driver, stomp combo for the win. After the match, Tony Schiavone is interviewing Best Friends on the stage then Chuck and Trent challenge Lucha Bros, next week to a parking-lot brawl.

Segment 3 – Fatal 4-Way Match – Penelope Ford (with Kip Sabian) vs Riho vs Kris Statlander vs Hikaru Shida. The match starts with Kip Sabian pulling Kris and Shida out of the ring then the 2 ladies trade elbows on Kip before Riho takes out everyone with an outside dive. Riho goes after Ford but Kip pulls her out of harm’s way. Kris and Shida double team Riho as Shida hits Kris with a suplex on Riho then goes for the cover on Kris but Kris quickly kicks out. Kris and Shida trade some back and forth and a couple of pin attempts before Ford comes in and takes down Kris with a dive off of the top rope, Riho takes out Kris with a dive of her own. Shida goes for a double suplex on Ford and Riho but the pair counter by suplexing her. Ford and Riho now go at it in middle of the ring, Riho hits a baseball slide on Kip on the outside of the ring as Ford throws her into the corner and hits a nice backflip elbow onto Riho. Kip tries to distract the referee on the apron but Riho hits him with a flying knee and takes him out. Shida comes in the ring, takes out Riho, Ford throws her down, goes for the cover on Riho but Kris is back in the ring and breaks up the cover. Ford gets up and throws Kris and Riho out of the ring, attempts a back elbow on Shida but Shida counters with a brain-buster, goes for the cover but Ford kicks out, Shida follows it up with a running knee to the face of Ford and gets the 3-count for the win. After the match, Tony Schiavone is interviewing Colt Cabana at ringside then gets interrupted by Kip Sabian, Cabana smacks him in the face which makes Kip and Penelope Ford run off to the back as we go to break.

Segment 4 – Back from the break and The Butcher and The Blade make their entrance as does Jurassic Express’ Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. Blade and Jungle Boy start this one off and trade some nice offense as Blade and Butcher go out of the ring to reconvene with MJF who’s still seated at ringside then Jungle Boy tries to take them out with an outside dive but is caught and throw into the barricade by Butcher and Blade who toss him back in the ring. Butcher takes control of Jungle Boy in the ring with some heavy shots then he tags in Blade. Blade takes down Jungle Boy with a lateral press, goes for the cover but Jungle Boy kicks out as we head to another break. Back to the live action and Blade plants Jungle Boy with a sidewalk slam, goes for the cover but Jungle Boy kicks out after a 2-count. Jungle Boy crawls towards his corner to desperately tag out but Blade drills him with an elbow before he can make the tag. Jungle Boy finally makes the tag a few seconds later & Luchasaurus takes out both Blade and Butcher. Lucha drills Blade with a spinning back kick and follows it up with a slam, goes for the cover but Butcher breaks up the count. Jungle Boy gets in the ring and thrown out while Blade also gets knocked out of the ring. Lucha and Butcher trade heavy shots in the middle of the ring as Blade gets back in and the pair start unloading some double team offense onto Lucha, Blade goes for the cover but Jungle Boy breaks up the count. Lucha drills Butcher with a super-kick, Jungle Boy then throws him out of the ring as Lucha plants Blade with a slam and gets the pin-fall victory for he and Jungle Boy.

Segment 5 – The Dark Order make their way to the ring. Evil Uno has a mic and says to put the camera directly on him. He says The Exalted One is near and he will breathe a new life into the Dark Order and tonight, the rest of the Dark Order will see what Evil Uno sees. He promised that you’ll see the Exalted One, tonight and Evil Uno never lies. He says the Exalted One is near then Christopher Daniels and Kazarian come to the ring and Daniels says he needs to stop because he’s lying. He says Uno has wasted everyone’s time and everyone’s sick of it. He then says there isn’t and Exalted One. A video package begins playing on the screen and it’s a muffled voice and the voice says he will lead the Dark Order. A man pops up on the screen and takes his hood off and it’s Brodie Lee! FKA as Luke Harper in WWE. Lee says Christopher Daniels isn’t the first out of touch old man to not believe in him (clearly a shot at Vince McMahon). He then says let me formally introduce myself, the video ends, the lights go out and when they come back on, Lee is in the ring behind Daniels and drills him with a vicious big boot to the face as Stu Grayson throws Kazarian down as well. The Dark Order pose and then walk out of the ring as we head to a break.

Segment 6 – Back from the break, Tony Schiavone is ringside interviewing Jake Roberts and Lance Archer. Tony asks Lance what he joined AEW to do, Roberts steps in and says Lance isn’t here to talk. Roberts says Cody disrespected him and they won’t stand for it and while Cody and his 2 friends are out in the ring bitching about who gets to go to the prom, Lance will get Cody’s attention. Roberts and Archer just stare into the camera as they walk off. We then get a video package showing a bit more on Lance Archer and his background. The commentary team then announce the following matches for the next Dynamite, Wardlow vs Luchasaurus in a Lumberjack match, Lucha Bros vs Best Friends in a Parking Lot Brawl and the Blood and Guts match between The Inner Circle and The Elite. It was noted that Nick Jackson will NOT compete in that match and will be replaced by a teammate to be named later. It’s also worth noting that they were sure to say “on the next Dynamite” and were careful to not say, next week. So, who knows what that means.

Segment 7 – 6-man Tag-Team Match – The Inner Circle (Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz) (with Sammy Guevara) vs The Elite (Cody, Matt Jackson and Adam Page). The Inner Circle make their entrance but before The Elite make their way to the ring, Chris Jericho comes out and Sammy Guevara, MJF and Shawn Spears grab a mic and sing Jericho’s theme song. Jericho then joins the commentary table for the main event. Cody makes his way to the ring with Arn Anderson. Matt Jackson makes his entrance followed by Adam Page who makes his entrance with Kenny Omega. The match begins with Cody and Santana in the ring. Santana takes control early and the teams trade some back and forth for awhile before The Inner Circle wins after Santana rolls up Matt Jackson for the 3-count. After the match, Jericho grabs a mic and cuts a hilarious promo and says he’s banning fans from future Dynamite episodes until further notice. Jericho says The Inner Circle has dominated AEW, they’ve dominated The Elite and next, they’ll dominate Blood and Guts. Then a drone appears out of nowhere and Matt Jackson grabs a mic then says The Elite aren’t outnumbered. He says he made a phone call to a friend that owes him a favor and Matt Hardy appears on the upper deck as the show goes off the air.

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