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Matt Chapman’s dad sucks… at throwing

Written by Trashman Ronnie

Monday night we all saw how amazing Vladdy Jr was at hitting balls a very far distance. Joc put up a better fight than Ben Askren, putting up 39 HRs in the second round and yet still lost because Vladdy Jr, he is not a human. We saw ol Polar Bear Pete steal the ending better than OJ stole back his merch. Yet the story-line that isn’t being talked about enough is that Matt Chapman got screwed over by his own blood, his own father…

For those who didn’t see the old man throw like i did in little league let me explain this as best i can. Jim Chapman (Matt’s father) pitched to Matt in the HR derby on Monday. He threw the ball all over the place, in-fact he threw the ball like my dad who is half blind throws. Can someone get Jim’s eyes checked please? ANYWAYS  Matt had no chance hitting 50% of the balls thrown and if he could’ve hit 25 or so if he could have hit every ball like the rest of the field did . (I know big spinzone from a Oakland A’s fan)

Yes i get Matt was a last second add in, yes i get that its a cool moment for your dad to throw to you in a HR derby, but I’m sorry I’d rather have a better chance winning 1 million dollars. Let me repeat that 1 million fucking dollars. I’m sorry dad if you ever figure out how to use the internet if i eve have a chance at 1 mill, I’m having someone who can actually put the ball over the plate.

Looking back i think Ol Jimmy boy was trying to make a AA squad throwing that junk. think about that 50% of balls were not hittable (I know not a word) that’s better than the Rockies bull pin can do. Actually i already retract that Colorado if you are looking for more pitching go to your local beer league soft ball game and grab the biggest hardo softball guy there, who knows unlimited arch may be the next knuckleball.

All in all Jim you need to learn that just because you can throw to your son in the derby doesnt mean you should. Honestly as a responcable parent you shouldve stayed away from that mound like it had the black plague. I really hope this gets back to Ol man Jim Chapman because you embarrassed yourself and i want you to either A) learn to throw a ball like a big boy or B) never throw a ball again.

1 MILLION DOLLARS JIM!! He could have bought you and himself maybe 2 shitty apartments in the bay-area (housing prices in California suck). Matt i hope to see you back in the HR derby next year and hopefully you stay away from Vladdy Jr in the 1st round because hes not a human. 

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