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Massive Brawl Breaks Out At White Sox-Orioles Game

Written by Tony Ghaul

There was a ugly scene yesterday’s Baltimore Orioles-Chicago White Sox game at Guaranteed Rate Field. The fight took over two minutes for some semblance of order to be restored.

Fists were flying all over the place before a woman was dragged from behind over a row of seats. One lone security guard attempted to make peace, while another pair of women were throwing haymakers at one another.

The fight was reignited when another woman threw a cup at the person who had been dragged over the seats. She ran around a group of people and tried to attack the person who threw the cup at her, but slipped while getting up the stairs.

One woman grabbed another’s hair while trying to walk away from the ruckus. She returned with a hammer fist, and then one man threw a left hook at another.

It took well over a minute for other security to finally show up, but they did not do much to break up the fight.

The White Sox won in walk-off fashion, 7-6, in 10 innings over the Baltimore Orioles.

Photo courtsey of The Comeback

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