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Massive All-Out Brawl Between England & Wales Fans On The Streets Had Fists And Chairs Flying

England and Wales are set to square off at the World Cup in Qatar just three days from now, but it appears as though their fans couldn’t wait to get the battle started. Dozens of hooligans aggressively punched, kicked and threw chairs at each other in a violent fight on the Veronicas Strip on the Playa de las Americas.

One person was able to catch all the action from a rooftop bar, as England and Wales fans engaged in an all-out brawl.

Chairs were thrown. Fists were flying. And fights were breaking out left, right and center. Credit to the camera operator for catching all the action.

England will enter Tuesday’s matchup between the two countries with four points, thanks to a win vs. Iran and a draw against the USA. As for Wales, they’ll be much more desperate after losing to Iran last game, giving them just one point from a draw against the USA.

England and Wales hooligans fight each other in terrifying Tenerife brawl. Photo courtsey of The Daily Mail

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