Mason Ramsey WILL Fuck Your Grandmother…. Yes That Mason Ramsey

It has come to my attention that Mason Ramsey aka “Yodel Boy” has been out here doing a media tour in which his biggest fans have been grandmothers.

Now I take this as being awesome for the young lad.

I mean think about it, tons of grandmas hanging all over you, kind of sick no?

These ladies have BEEN AROUND THE BLOCK! They know what the young lad wants (when he’s of age) and can take care of him like he needs.

I mean they’ve had the old bull, now they see the young calf and get a little startled.

I for one am terrified for all grandmothers accords the nation because it appears that nobody is safe.

Not only will Mason Ramsey steal your girl, he’ll fuck your grandmother too.

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