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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Gets Even More Characters, Including Loki, Blade, The Punisher and More

Nintendo’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is set to drop within a matter of hours. But there’s nothing like a few last minute surprises to get fans ready for the awesome sequel that’s coming our way, right?

During today’s Marvel Games panel, the publisher dropped a few bombshells for fans to get excited over. The first involved the debut of a new playable character that becomes unlocked over the course of the campaign – the God of Mischief himself, Loki.

He’s able to deliver powerful attacks with his staff, while at the same time creating confusion spells that can throw enemies off. That makes him an ideal addition to any party.

And Nintendo was also listening to those that wanted Colossus and Cyclops added to the game. Outside of the X-Men DLC pack that’s coming to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, it confirmed that both characters will be playable starting August 30, as part of a free update. They’re involved in the storyline in the meantime, however, in case you want to see what they’re capable of.

Nintendo also revealed the first contents of the expansion pass that will be coming our way later this year, in the form of the Marvel Knights pack. And, as expected, it’s loaded with badassery. This includes The Punisher, as well as Morbius, Moon Knight, and the Daywalker himself, Blade! The pack hasn’t been given a release date just yet, but it’s expected very soon.

Finally, there is also a comic series in the works to coincide with the game. It also doesn’t have a release date, but it’s expected sometime this fall as well.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is set to arrive tomorrow for Nintendo Switch. Who’s ready to jump into the battle?!

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